A whole NEW concept

Québec Swing Rendez-Vous 2009 is unveiling a brand new concept for the classes! You will be able to work on exactly what you want, by making your pick out of over 50 workshops, divided into five categories:

  • connection: the secret to lead or follow anyone and anything;
  • musicality: fully enjoy the trumpet, saxophone or piano, play with the rhythms, slow or wild;
  • new moves: craziest steps to impress the public and your partner;
  • solo: your own selfish pleasure, from solo charleston to techniques for leads or follows;
  • discovery: open your horizons and diversify your dancing.

You will have the opportunity to change tracks according to your preferences. Each category will have classes in several styles of swing, and each class will be identified with a level, in order to let you learn at your own speed, and according to your previous experience.

We have rethought the audition process : it does not take place anymore! Though, classes labeled "masters" will be accessible by invitation or recommandation only.

Quebec Sqing Rendez Vous

Les inscriptions en ligne sont fermées. Rendez-vous à la porte!

Online registration is closed. See you at the door!

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