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Kelly P.

The Art of the Vintage Fan Dance - Opulent, mysterious and sly, the burlesque-style fan dance as popularized by Sally Rand in the 1920's and 30's is the epitome of the dark and elegant female sexuality featured on the stages of the famous jazz era 'follies' shows in Paris and New York. Performed traditionally with two giant ostrich feather fans used to calculatingly cover and uncover parts of the dancer's mostly-nude body , the goal is to create an artful tease whereby the audience  always believes they are about to see more, but they are always outwitted. No experience or nakedness required. Size of class will be limited by amount of practice fans available, so come early.

Spaz-tastic - Learn how to let out your inner spaz and get ridiculous. So much of performing good jazz is having a good sense of humor, and we want you to have one about your dancing. The best jazz era solo dance teams like The Nicholas and Berry Brothers were great comedians as well as great dancers. Learn how to be cheeky with us as we teach an awesome (and rather fast: be warned!) little comic jazz-dance routine to Fats Waller's "Lulu's Back In Town."

Amazing Move-tron 6000 - Ever wonder what the secret is to having constantly fresh and inventive moves in any jazz dance, fast or slow? Well we're about to tell you. We will show you some hot stuff, and then show you the way to easily invent your own hot stuff in any jazz dance. Taught with Jason Nietz


Junkyard Shoes - Jazz routine focusing on polishing footwork and rhythm. 

In These Shoes... - how to extend movements and slow movements down in order to stay with the phrase. Learn about phrasing and a little bit of musical structure as well.


Céline Cartelli

Mixing modern and Jazz - mélanger des mouvements de jazz steps avec des mouvements de contemporain...

Alain Fragman & Alain Wong

Les deux Alains - a solo jazz and partnered routine.

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