For one last, memorable QSRV!

Yes, it's true, the 4th edition of QSRV, "Back to the Roots", will also be its last (more).

Saturday night, go back to the roots : wear your most vintage outfit and dress up as if you were going to your first and last rendez-vous...

Go back to the roots with QSRV 2009

Jumping out of a black and white movie,
relive the origins of swing, from January 23rd to 25th, 2009.

Liberated women rip off their corsages, pull their skirts up to their calves, maybe even up to their knees... Every night, dancers swing the night away to the frenzied swing music, and energy is through the roof. Men swing their partners around in the air. Bright smiles and fast footwork for a passionate evening of dance!

The QSRV wants to bring you back to the roots and let you feel this frenzy and excitement for swing.

This year's theme also means returning to the QSRV's original mission: present you new, inspiring and inspired teachers, develop your love of social dancing and discovery, always at a reasonable price.

Quebec Sqing Rendez Vous

The 4th year!

In 2009, we'll be holding the fourth annual QSRV.

Last year, roughly 300 dancers took the intensive workshops, and over 500 people gathered at the Imperial to swing to the beat of our live bands.

The biggest event of the kind in Québec!

Les inscriptions en ligne sont fermées. Rendez-vous à la porte!

Online registration is closed. See you at the door!

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