QSRV '007: raising expectations!

For the second year, the team pulled out all the stops! Some 500 dancers met in Québec between January 26th and 28th, which is 200 people more than the previous year! A fine-tuned organization upgraded the quality of the event and answer the need of the swing community.

Our post-QSRV survey indicated satisfaction rates exceeding 98%! Incredible! And over 95% of participants mentioned that they wished to come back in 2008.

A novelty for 2007 was to open the Saturday night dance to the public. It was a great success: QSRV was sold out!

The QSRV 2007 also profited from media coverage, which also benefited the entire swing community, with two articles in Le Soleil, Québec city's daily newspaper, several radio spots and the central page of the music section in QuébecScope in January 2007.

Quebec Sqing Rendez Vous

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