QSRV 2006: A strong beginning!

On its very first edition, in 2006, the QSRV was wildly successful. Those of you who were there will remember, it was a wonderful surprise for the entire Québec swing community. The event drew in some 300 dancers, and had great visibility in Québec thanks to its partnership with the Carnaval de Québec.

In 2006, the Citadelle welcomed the main dances of QSRV, while the late nights were held at Studio Port-O-Swing.

The QSRV also invaded the Carnaval's Ice Castle for an evening. Hundreds of people discovered swing dancing while watching performances by Ben an Gen, world champions. After a beginner lesson, the public did a few dance steps with dozens of more experienced dancers.

No-one was cold that weekend at the Carnaval!

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