Friendly atmosphere at a friendly rate

All QSRV pass include your ticket for SWING STATION, the musical.(except the Sunday pass)

Full weekend pass:

$115 until November 16th, $130 until December 23rd

$145 until January 22nd
$160 at the door

Beginner special $ 110 

US Guest Special 100 USD and pay at the door.

You don't want or can't buy the full weekend pass? Then, the day pass is for you:

Saturday (classes and dance) $100
Sunday (classes) $80

And if you only want to show up for the dances, then you can reserve your pass for dances, and skip the waiting line, or you can buy your tickets at the door:

Dallas' party pass $45
Friday night $25
including the show, $20 after 9 pm
Saturday night, including the show, single price for whole night $25

Good to know: For accounting reasons, we strongly encourage paying through Paypal, an easy, quick and secure payment method which allows you to pay using a credit card (your own, or that of a friend or parent). Please use this method, despite the small fee charged by Paypal. You will automatically be redirected to Paypal after your registration.

You can't pay immediately after your online registration? No problem! You can pay afterwards by sending the amount due to marianne(at) and writing your name in the comment section. Questions or problems with Paypal? Contact Marianne! The QSRV will find a solution...

Quebec Sqing Rendez Vous

Did you know...

your full weekend pass is worth your money if you show up to only 4 workshops and both evenings!

Buying this pass means encouraging the event and perpetuating the tradition of having experienced teachers in Québec city.

Les inscriptions en ligne sont fermées. Rendez-vous à la porte!

Online registration is closed. See you at the door!

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